Policies for Shareable Cities

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* Report/Guide: Policies for Shareable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders. Shareable and Sustainable Economies Law Center, 2013. 40 page.

URL = http://www.shareable.net/blog/new-report-policies-for-shareable-cities

"It details 32 specific policy steps that local leaders can take to benefit from the growing sharing economy and support innovations such as carsharing, ridesharing, cohousing, cooperatives, and urban agriculture."


"Our guide curates scores of innovative, high impact policies that US city governments have put in place to help citizens share resources, create new resources together, and generate their own jobs. It focuses on sharing policy innovations in food, housing, transportation, and jobs -- key pocket book issues of citizens and priorities of urban leaders everywhere. " (http://www.shareable.net/blog/new-report-policies-for-shareable-cities)

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