Poble Nou Fab City Prototype in Barcelona

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= "The Made Again Challenge Documentary  is about the creation of the first and biggest Fab City prototype to date — in Barcelona’s revitalised Poblenou area — aiming to make the neighbourhood a prototype of future urban living, using new technologies, circular economy principles and creating social impact".

More Information

"In 2016, the ambitious vision behind the so-called Fab City movement was tested in reality during the Made Again Challenge, a project initiated by SPACE10 — IKEA’s “external future-living lab” — and the Fab City Research Laboratory. Together they created the first and largest Fab City prototype to date in Poblenou — a one-square-kilometre testbed to explore how to rethink and re-engineer our production system in cities.

Over the course of five days, local workshops, research centers, design agencies and local producers in the neighbourhood were connected into an ecosystem. Biologists, tech professionals, local makers, craftsmen, IKEA designers, and other trailblazers gathered in Barcelona for the project and collected waste products from the streets of Poblenou in order to breathe new life into materials that were heading to landfill.

The Made Again Challenge led to both the mayor of Barcelona and Barcelona City Council to announce support for turning Poblenou into a “Maker District”, part of the ambitious city Digital Plan."