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also: Phoebe Moore-Carter


"Phoebe lectures in International Relations and International Political Economy, and has two interrelated research interests: international labour struggle; and post-capitalist models for socio-political economies that can resolve labour struggle, some of which are found in digital communities.

Dr. Moore has recently published with Paul A Taylor in the special issue she edited with Athina Karatzogianni for Capital and Class on work in peer to peer communities (Parallel Visions of Peer to Peer Production Issue 97, 2009); has published a piece on the transformation of UK education as a result of policy pressure to the labour force (JCEPS June 2009); and is conducting a project that provides comparative case studies of industry's role in education in South Korea, Singapore, and the UK and identifies the role of technology in employability and subjectivities, in her book International Political Economy of Work and Employability (Palgrave 2010). She has also published work on Turkey and EU accession.

Phoebe is an active member of the Manchester Film Cooperative. She is organizing the workshop Media Ecologies to be held at University of Salford on 3rd November 2009; and the seminar series Trade Unions in the 21C (Leeds, Salford, TUC London)." (


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