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Name: Philippe Van Nedervelde, MA Comm

Title: Expert on Sousveillance & Security

Bio: A long-standing "Peace-through-Transparancy" openness-advocate, PVN has endeavored to be instrumental in the mitigation of the geopolitical, defense, security and safety-related risks of major emerging technologies, in particular the exponentially accelerating development of the combination of advanced nanotech with information technology.

PVN formulated the concept of the MAPPS-doctrine of "Multi-laterally Assured Pervasive Permanent Sur-/Sous-veillance". He is also the proposer of the People's P2P Panopticon[link to lemma], Earth's citizens' anti-armed-conflict Smart Dust open sousveillance transparancy initiative, a P2P Community project which he sees as being in broad accord with the principles of the P2P foundation.

As part of his role within the Foresight Nanotech Institute - PVN has been Foresight's Executive Director for Europe since 1997- as an active member of the Monterey Working Group on Molecular Nanotechnology Research Policy Guidelines, in February 1999, PVN co-authored the Foresight Safety & Security Guidelines on Molecular Manufacturing guidelines/current.html), a proposed self-regulation tool for the nanoscience field and the burgeoning nanotechnology industry intended to assure that research, development and market deployments in this rapidly developing field proceed safely and responsibly.

His original desire as a professional user-interface designer to make IT far more easier to use naturally made him become one of Europe's earliest practitioner-entrepreneurs in the field of (multi-user online) Virtual Reality and Web3D. In 1996 he founded -and still heads- the award-winning VR-studio E-spaces[link]. Within this field, PVN is also the primary inventor -5 provisional patents filed so far- of the VR & Augmented Reality based C-Thru Surveillance & Security system which he develops and markets through the Los Angeles-based Panoptic Systems, Inc. which he co-founded in 2004.

With the intention to minimize and mitigate major anticipated defense, security and socio-economical disruptions, PVN's non-profit (security-related) endeavors aim -among other things- to be instrumental as a mutual-understanding-building bridge between the burgeoning sousveillance development efforts by private persons and civilians around the world and and the established governments-based (homeland) security, surveillance and intelligence agencies. He aims to do this in a way which is consistent with the context and framework of the global P2P movement. In this context, PVN is proposing People's P2P Panopticon PP2PP, a P2P community project for the development of an open-source sousveillance technology platform funded and directed by the global P2P community...

Philippe also coined the sousveillance-favoring MAPPS-mnemonic of the "Four E's": "Everybody has Eyes & Ears Everywhere".