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Dear friends,

If you receive this letter, it means you have a familiarity with the P2P Foundation, and the work we are trying to achieve.

I'm writing this letter to obtain specific personal support in order to be able to continue my work.

In many ways, this has been a good year for the Foundation, we now have two teams that work to support the content and technology respectively, and have created a Coop that is starting to attract client work. However, I have to divide/share the income generated through these two vehicles (nearly all of us dedicated p2p workers are precarious), and it is not yet sufficient, to sustain my own work, which is still the core of the Foundation. Also, despite my good work for the Foundation, I may lack the skills for the 'sustainability' aspect of it, and I need your help.

In the context of the austerity budgets affecting culture in Europe, my first semester income practically collapsed, and a better fall season will not be felt until early next year.

This leaves me with serious personal urgencies, especially around healthcare. Left untreated, these are potentially serious conditions. I have not been able to get any care for the last nine months. In addition, there is the daily worry around cash flow crises affecting my family.

I believe my work is important, a crucial part of the puzzle for social change, and I remain committed no matter what. However, if you also believe that this work is useful, please consider a substantial contribution.

There is no easy way to do this administratively, I can only provide my two account numbers below. The belgian account is provisionally preferred.

But please make the effort. If you are lucky financially, please consider an exceptional contribution of EUR 1,000. If you have a fixed income, please consider EUR 250, but all contributions, however small, will be useful.

2012 will be an exciting and pivotal year, with #ows having changed the world problematique, and we continue to work on seeding the new paradigm, working on several important p2p and commons initiatives. My work with CSG in co-organizing the International Commons Conference in Berlin, has resulted, though the editing has been done by two other editors, in a major commons book to be published next year; the Commons Law Project, in which I participated, will re-establish a commons tradition in law, and we're preparing an ambitious conference on Commons-oriented economics. We continue curation, focusing on bringing diverse threads together in a unifying perspective. You may have noticed our continued coverage and support for the 15M movements and #ows.

I don't promise miracles, but to steadfastedly continue my efforts, and perhaps to generate more time for deeper intellectual work next year, but your help would be crucial in creating the conditions for that,

If you can only support a formal foundation, let me know, and I can make an agreement with my colleagues to get a substantial portion of that donation for my survival needs, and the remainder will support the general work of he P2P Foundation.


Michel Bauwens

More Information

Email me at michel at p2p foundation dot net

Belgian account

068-2216693-76, IBAN BE91-0682-2166-9376 Bic: GKCCBEBB

personal address:

7/5 Moo 3, Chotana Rd., Chiang Mai, TH 50300, THAILAND

> the bank: Dexia Groot-Bijgaarden Brusselstraat B-1702 Dilbeek, BELGIUM

thai account

BANK INFO (NO IBAN IN THAILAND) the Kasikorn Bank Account number in Thailand: 279-2-82087-8 SWIFT KASI TH BK Kasikon Bank Changphuk branch Chotana Rd., Changpuk T. Muang A., Chiangmai 50300 THAILAND


Email:A 2 Alb. Bosw.