Peoples Sustainability Treaties

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= proposed on the occasion of the Rio+20 gathering and the alternative People's Summit



Rob Wheeler:

"The treaties call for specific action by civil society, businesses, governments and other stakeholders. We intend to continue to develop a strategy and process to work on the ongoing implementation of the Treaties after Rio. They will be included as a part of The Widening Circles process that is being developed by the Tellus Institute and the Great Transition Initiaive and should involve as many people and organizations as possible in the years to come. See:

If we draft and submit a Peoples Treaty on the Commons, then efforts will be made to follow up on it over the years to come and those people that are interested in working on implementation and transitioning to a sustainable, just and thriving world, either through the Peoples Treaty or the Widening Circles process, etc. will be able to read about what we are doing and join us in it.

In regards to a Treaty on the Commons, we said that we were interested in drafting one many months ago but have been doing so many other things that we haven't quite gotten to it yet. I wrote to the primary coordinator, Uchita de Zoysa this morning and told him we still want to do it. In regards to a deadline, the sooner the better; but certainly within the next week and a half if at all possible so that our treaty can be announced and distributed at the events in Rio along with the others.

The treaties are only about 5 to 10 pages long and you will find the guidelines or a template at:

More Information

Via Rob Wheeler; Skype: robineagle333