People’s Ethical Appropriation Reciprocity License

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= a CopyFair License proposed/used by the Anyshare project



PEARL: A FOSS Reciprocity License, by Rob Jameson:

"PEARL is an open source license for various kinds of copyrightable works. It guarantees your freedom to modify, share, and sell all versions of a work (source + derivatives).

There are many reasons for a project to use an open source license, but money is rarely one of them. With open source licenses, there are no financial benefits for the Makers and maintainers. On the contrary, open source projects are often used to make profit by businesses who don’t reciprocate value at all.

PEARL fixes this issue by allowing the Makers to organize a community of supporters who democratically decide “fair” retribution from for-profit uses of the Covered Items. The incentive for reciprocity is a public ledger called a PEARL Table that contains the profiting user/organization name(s), the reciprocity given thus far (financial or otherwise), relevant metrics, and ratings of this user/organization from the community.

The profiting user(s)/organization(s), known as Prospering Contributors, are encouraged to communicate via public discourse, especially when they have extracted value from a PEARL without repayment." (

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