Peer to Peer Syllabus

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This is not a course syllabus, but a draft to add raw material which could be used to produce one.


What is Peer to Peer

P2P is a relational dynamic

P2P as a Mode of Production

Introduction to Peer Production

Introduction to Peer Governance

Introduction to Peer Property

The institutionalization of Peer Production

P2P Infrastructures as the Technical Basis of P2P Relationality and Value Creation

The original internet infrastructure

The roots in filesharing

The participatory Web 2.0

Alternative Media Infrastructures?


P2P Infrastructures for Collaboration

P2P Infrastructures for Production

The emergence of Commons Economics

From Open Knowledge to Free Software to Open Design

3D Printing and other Modalities of Distributed Manufacturing

Open Supply Chains and Open Book Accounting

P2P Accounting and Contributory Metrics

The Relation between the Commons and the Market

Peer Production and Capitalism

Going beyond Capitalism

What is an ethical commons-oriented economy

Introduction to the Politics of P2P

* Please watch: Screencast with an Overview of the Transformative Proposals of the P2P Foundation

The Peer Production of Politics in the Mass Mobilizations of 2011

Before 2011

2011: Occupy and the Indignados

Repolitisation of the Commons after 2011

Proposals to Give Voice to the Commons

A Synthesis between Prefigurative Prototyping, Resistance, and the Active Creation of an Alternative Society

The Partner State as proposal and practice