Peer to Peer Microfinance Platforms

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Sander Van Damme:

"In today's world a peer does not necessarily have to be your neighbor or someone living close by anymore; he does not even have to speak your language, have the same skin color or live in the same country, the internet has allowed us to explore a much bigger world than our grandparents could. This has also impacted our involvement with people from far away, and our willingness to support them where we can. This rationale has now been taken one step further by what we have chosen to call 'peer to peer microfinance platforms'. Instead of allowing you to lend money to John or Elisabeth to consolidate their credit or do some house improvements, these platforms let you lend money to Nkuyata and Sanou to buy cattle or car accessories. These websites try to empower entrepreneurs in developing countries by offering Western lenders the opportunity to supply them with the credit to invest in their businesses." (

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