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The Nessuno TV experiment in Italy is described by Robin Good at


Robin Good: What Is Needed for Participatory TV?

Robin Good says we will have participatory TV when:

"# It is the television that goes to the streets and not vice-versa

  1. Real-time is the future of television. The emergent open Internet Television paradigm, IPTV and the growing number of new video-based services mark clearly paint a future of video consumption that is highly dictated by on-demand use patterns. Unless independent television stations understand that one of their key strengths is all about having an extra eye where I, the viewer, can't have it now, nothing much will be different from the TV we already know too well. In the near future I will be able to always access any type of video content that has already been broadcast at my preferred time. Why would I then watch a TV station unless it can connect me now to an event or happening that is taking place in this very moment, but which I could not attend?
  1. Focus is the name of the game. Radio has taught this to us a long time ago, and satellite and cable TV have long pioneered the importance of theme-based programming and station specialization. Conceiving television today as a medium through which different programs go on systematically at predetermined times is just plainly anachronistic. Like for radio, blogs and successful magazines today, strong focus is what new audiences are looking for. How could I ever remember that this show goes on this day at that time, and this other great one airs only on Tuesdays at 7pm. Are you really joking?
  1. Street reporters. This is what I want to see the most. But I want true investigative reporting, street chronicling, documentarist analysis of hot issues or altogether funny approaches to reporting and bring outside realities within my TV screen. And I want to see them "live". From highly trafficked street crossings, to the Parliament, to the entrance of hospital or to the exit gate of the stadium, street reporters have a huge amount of great, true stories to capture and bring back 24 hours a day. Give them space."


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