Participatory Environmental E-Platforms

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D. Sadoway:

"the growing participatory enviro e-platforms focused on making public various forms of sustainability intelligence sponsored by either non-state actors or by government agencies open data and e-governance initiatives. These include data sharing and shaping with and ‘by’ users, rather than data ‘for’ communities or closed circles of decision-makers." (


"An example of this is the American toxic waste Scorecard website where individuals can gain access to information about toxins in their communities and make decisions thereof. (see: The site uses EPA datasets and was made user friendly by the ENGO Environmental Defense in 1998, and is now apparently operated by ENGO Green Media Toolshed.


A final example is the growing interesting in ICTs and ‘Citizen Science’ or ‘Local Knowledge’ systems. Here the possibilities and promise of sensor networks comes to mind for distributed environmental detection networks. For example, a device that serves dual purposes in serving as a warning system for asthmatics suffering from air pollution also can feed GPS-based geodata into a database that has broader public health benefits for the whole community (, or the interesting ‘participatory urbanism’ tools ( that suggest the potential for using mobile phones/PDAs in a geographic matrix of perpetual ubiquitous environmental monitoring." (