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Bjarni R. Einarsson:

"Pagekite is a very pragmatic attempt to enable more p2p-like behavior on the WWW by making it really easy for people to run publicly visible HTTP (or HTTPS) servers from personal and/or mobile devices.

The system is not true "p2p" in that it relies on intermediate servers (front-ends) to do application layer routing (proxying/tunneling) - but on the other hand it is 100% backwards compatible with the WWW we are using today which means it can provide a seamless upgrade path from centralized silos like Facebook to decentralized networks that run on private hardware.

I'm working on this as an open-source project on the one hand, and a small bootstrapping startup on the other, which will pay the bills and make the tech available to the general public by offering front-end service (for a fee, unless a pile of money falls in our laps)." [1]