P2P Regulation

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Overview page

P2P Regulation

  1. Civil Regulation
  2. Demoradical Regulation
  3. Participatory Regulation

See also:

  1. Participatory Sensing, as a new form of p2p regulation
  2. Bruce Yandle on the Tragedy of the Commons and the Implications for Environmental Regulation
  3. Jeanette Hofmann on Wikipedia between Emancipation and Self-Regulation

Commons Regulation

  1. Commons - Regulation

Internet Regulation

  1. Internet Regulation: Four Scenario's for the regulation of the internet.

  1. Jeffrey Eisenach on Global Internet Regulation: = talk on Internet Governance and global regulation of the digital economy
  2. Future of Internet Regulation Article: Weiser, Phil, The Future of Internet Regulation (February 16, 2009). U of Colorado Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 09