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Overview page:


  1. Appropriation and Annotation Literacy
  2. Literacy of Cooperation
  3. New Media Literacy Skills
  4. Participatory Media Literacy

Listen or watch:

  1. Howard Rheingold on Education for Participatory Media Literacy
  2. Henry Jenkings on Digital Literacy and Learning
  3. Henry Jenkings on Why New Media Literacy Matters


"Recent scholarship on new media literacy has continued to nuance its definitions for the practices of producing and understanding the texts of computer-mediated communication.

  • Stuart Selber’s Multiliteracies for a Digital Age and
  • Gregory Ulmer’s Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy

each provided substantial discussion of what it means (and what it takes) for writers to be “new media literate.” While the two texts were wholly different in method and approach, each offered important and useful ways of thinking about the “literacy” part of network literacy. Each argued that we cannot underestimate the extent to which context and culture inform digital writing, and that digital writing environments and practices present us with a unique opportunity to examine the social and cultural materialities of writing." (http://www.bgsu.edu/cconline/YONKERnetworkliteracy/newmedia.html)