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  1. A structure for the organization of P2P Foundation Resource Collections is hereby proposed.
  2. You can view the current collections here:Category:P2P Resource Collections

About the P2P Resource Collection

P2P touches every aspect of our world, and we simply cannot document how that works without some semblance of organization. The P2P Resource Collections are top level collections, or perspectives, on knowledge, activities, and entities that are key to P2P alternatives. The P2P Network works together to bring some order to these articles as we work to offer perspectives on the breadth, efficacy, and viability of P2P alternatives in the Resource Collection key areas.

The Resource Collections are themselves only one way of looking at the wealth of knowledge and information in the P2P Foundation Knowledge Commons, and it's an important one given the fact that bulk of internet visits to our sites are to the navigation pages at the top of each of the the interlinked categories of the Resource Collections.

Once implemented, the collections can serve as easy navigation.

Clear master taxonomy for the site

  1. The master category for the site is Category:P2P Foundation. The site's taxonomy is best view in the mindmeister map here: http://www.mindmeister.com/28896655/p2p-foundation-wiki-category
  2. As the taxonomy is implemented you can navigate through it here: Category:P2P Foundation.

Master Categories for Collections

Of first and primary important to making the category system serve the resource collections, and vice-versa.

Categories can be un-wieldly in a wiki with lots of pages and few editors. This proposal seeks to bring some ease of use to categories and sanity to managers to that users can work together to manage the categories more easily and in a coordinated manner.

Currently when a user looks at the category page they will see 400+categories, including misspelled duplicates as well as a number of empty categories that further confuse navigation.

Our goal is to shrink the number of categories, link categories through the use of subcategories, and more specifically create a flow of new entries into categories that can be further triaged, refined, and re-categorize as needed by category managers.

Definitive Collections Aid Collaboration

One of the high level goals is to be able to fill out the rest of this instructional page, P2P Foundation Wiki Project Leadership, which offers best practices to users who want to get involved in, for example, the P2P Design category but don't know where to start.

The basic category structure for Resource Collections allow for easer end user navigability via categories while still allowing wiki users to use a minimum of Category markup to insure that their pages are appropriately linked into the sitewide directory structure.

Each of the categories below is thought to be a top level Resource Collection, a set of pages that are:

  • Accessible from the top levels of the wiki
  • Provide Access to a large percentage of the content of the wiki (80% of links fall into these categories)
  • Deserving of curation. People care about these categories and look for ways to help clean them up. It's our wiki, after all.
  • Require structure for people to find, by clicking, what it is they are looking for.
  • Lend themselves to group management. There's too much for one to do alone, and when we work together on them we need a method.