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About the P2P Cooperative

The P2P Cooperative it’s part of the P2P Phyle: a internatinal inniciative formed by the P2P Foundation, it sisters organizations and the P2P Cooperative.

The P2P Cooperative was founded in 2011 by Michel Bauwens, Chris Pinchen and James Burke. It’s a for-profit small business team focused in research activities, project design and development in the frame of it’s general field of action. It aims to provide theoretical and practical guidance to understand peer to peer (p2p) developments, to advance p2p practices in every area of social life and to work on the transition to a new political economy and human civilization which allows peer to peer practices to thrive.

From the P2P Coop’s founding principles:

The aim of the P2P Cooperative is to be one of the vehicles to make the creation and maintenance of a knowledge commons about peer to peer developments, sustainable over the long term by creating livelihoods and solidarity mechanisms for committed cooperative members.

Current members