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Franz Nahrada has proposed, and is working, on getting funding for a series of P2P Awards.

Alex Rollin has started a page at the P2P Foundation's Ning community, to keep track of proposals, at http://p2pfoundation.ning.com/group/p2pawards/forum/topics/p2p-awards-areas

This wiki page will be used to consolidate the information that is collated in this way.


List of Proposed Award Areas

  • best contribution to distributed infrastructures
  • best contribution to the development of free culture
  • best free software project of the year
  • best free hardware design project of the year
  • most important contribution to fundamental open design issues
  • best public support for p2p production
  • best p2p/ community media project
  • best p2p/ community money project
  • best p2p/ community land project
  • best new disruptive technology
  • best new p2p media
  • world-changer of the year

Detailed proposals

Franz Nahrada:

  • Award for Outstanding Achievements in Peer Production

This is an activity which will force us naturally to deeply consider and evaluate the things that are going on instead of looking at them superficially. The main benefit is that we really have to challenge each other on quality and useability of things and creations instead of reproducing the developers mantra that "my stuff is simply the best because I do it out of fun" (sorry, did not mean to hurt anybody!)


Stefan Merten:

"The word "best" in all the suggestions is perhaps the hardest thing. What does "best" mean? Indeed: What is the criteria for "best" after all? In particular I think the criteria will differ widely between Oekonux and P2P Foundation. IMHO the criteria is the most important thing which needs to be solved - otherwise nobody takes you serious and the award will have no effect."

Jury Members



Stefan Merten:

-I have discussed that with Peter Weibel and I think the ZKM in Karlsruhe could be an interesting partner to do this. But there might be MANY other options because this is exactly what corporations and public administration seek: visibility, public image.... (Franz Nahrada)

"The question is whether Oekonux / P2P Foundation (at the moment) has enough visibility, public image for this. Fund raising for the conference failed miserably and IMHO this is a pretty similar case.

And AFAICS if Peter Weibel sponsors this then it will be *his* project."