Oxygen Emergency Respirator

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= OxyGEN, is a device that responds to the lack of emergency respirators in the COVID-19 health crisis It’s an open hardware prototype that has been collaboratively developed by a group of engineers led by Barcelona based company, PROTOFY.xyz. Initiated March 2020.



"OxyGEN is an automated manual AMBU type ventilator. We are currently working alongside 4 different hospitals in Barcelona, one of them being the renown Hospital Clinic, to improve the device.

Currently OxyGEN is in its fifth phase of iteration, a process which will lead to obtain an efficient and safe device for the patient.

The OxyGEN team is collaboratively working with other projects being developed in Spain and around the world. Collaboration is critical in a crisis situation, like the current one."


"Having a version of the device that will allows to mass produce has forced us to create another design, more adequate to these means of fabrication, we have now two versions of OxyGEN available:

  • OxyGEN-M or version “M”: easy to build for Makers, Fablabs or prototype workshops, buildable in wood or acrylic.
  • OxyGEN-P or version “P” for mass production in metal, for industrial scale "