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Ouvaton In Brief

French consumer cooperative providing web hosting and related internet services.

From the site

Why a Cooperative? (translated from French)

In presenting the current tastes of the consumer co-operative principle in a sector that previously did not know, members of this community have decided to pool their human, technical and financial resources to gain their independence while protecting their personal data on the basis of daily values lived

Organising cooperative enterprise, is the combination of people, entrepreneurs, both customers, suppliers and associates, who are pooling their resources, commit themselves to each other to ensure their sustainability. In this daily solidarity that is the meaning of the cooperative association.
Democracy, independence and transparency 
The members of cooperatives involved in the decision-making by the "one person, one vote" regardless of the injected capital, promoting the company's financial independence. - Equity: Cooperative enterprises organize the production of goods and services to benefit all members. - Sharing: The members of cooperatives (employees, producers, users, suppliers, customers, members, etc..) receive a fair reward cooperative activities related to that 'they provide. - Proximity: By their ability to act locally and their anchorage to the territory, cooperatives are genuine partners in developing regions.

How the subscription shares, even a small denomination, it is a powerful lever?

What legal solutions bring to reconcile the imperatives of corporate law and high aspirations participatory?

What forge partnerships to bring together a wide range of skills and ensure a high quality service at a competitive price?

(These questions become the experience of Ouvaton suggests ways that may be useful to suppliers and guests who wish to act in a self-management operation.)

More Information

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