Outrage Porn

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Conor Barnes and Peter Limberg:

"The term outrage porn was coined by essayist Tim Kreider in 2009 to describe manufactured indignation, optimized for virality. In 2019, social media, financial incentives and the pitfalls of human psychology have coalesced into a perverse production line, in which we are producer-consumers. Outrage porn is exploited by culture war profiteers, weaponized by memetic tribes, leveraged by wokonomic capitalists and kept alive by an outrage industrial complex.

Every angry retweet and snarky reply turns us into useful idiots for the outrage porno machine. Our perpetual outage has reduced our agency, ruined our sense-making apparatus and rendered us powerless to confront the numerous risks that require long-term, collective decision-making. How can we escape the outrage porno before we realize—horrified—that we’ve been cast in a starring role?" (https://areomagazine.com/2019/07/09/hippocratic-oath-for-the-culture-war/)

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