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This section is a place for the volunteers who contribute to the P2P Foundation, who are also experts in their fields, and are available for consulting.

Michel Bauwens, the founder of the Foundation for P2P Alternatives, gives introductory seminars on Peer Production, Peer Governance, and Peer Property

Valentin Spirik, is an expert in autonomous production of media and video, and maintains our pages on P2P Audiovisual Concepts

Philippe Van Nedervelde, Expert in Sous-Veillance and Security issues

Jonathan Marks, is an independent media anthropologist, "insultant" and broadcaster. One of his projects is examining P2P technology for both production purposes (community radio in West Africa) as well as the next steps for wifi radios like those being produced by Reciva in the UK. This kind of techology is reaching a tipping point in the broadcast industry. His website is at www.jonathanmarks.com .