Organisms and Their Evolution

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* Book: Organisms and Their Evolution. Agency and Meaning in the Drama of Life. Stephen L. Talbott. The Nature Institute,



"This is a complete draft of an online book freely available, with proper attribution, for noncommercial, personal use (including classroom use). The above title is the final title for the book, which previously bore the temporary title, “Evolution As It Was Meant To Be — and the Living Narratives That Tell Its Story”. This material is part of the Biology Worthy of Life project of The Nature Institute. Copyright 2023 by Stephen L. Talbott. All rights reserved. Date of the current draft: April 7, 2023. Html files for individual chapters (accessible from this page) may be more recently revised than the whole-book pdf.

The book will remain for the foreseeable future a “living document”, which is to say that it will be subject to change."

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