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Project by Francois Rey

"The creation of an infrastructure such as Open eXchange will make every individual a market operator and participant, thus distributing the role of traditional market places and circuits that organize economic exchanges: local markets, online markets, market exchange institutions, etc.

More importantly, OX adds an application layer to the commons of online tools (identity, reputation, ontology, etc.) that directly empowers individuals to self organize and connect in ways previously unthinkable: mutual insurance without centralized structures geared towards profit, aggregation and bundling of goods and services into higher level value-added services and goods, virtual organizations and distributed enterprises with no centralized command and control structure, holoptical tools that can facilitate collective responsibility towards society and the environment (e.g. a better adequacy between demand and production since both can be globally visible), community supported production (an extension of the Community Supported Agriculture concept), etc." (


Probably dormant.