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Overview page on the Peer Governance of Open Source Software projects:

  1. Generalities: Peer Governance; FLOSS - Governance


  1. Peer Governance - Semi-protection
  2. Peer Governance - Benevolent Dictatorships
  3. Role of Nonprofit Foundations in Open Source Governance

Related Topics:

  1. Internet Governance
  2. Multistakeholder Governance
  3. Open Source Governance: use in other sectors that are inspired by the OSS model



  1. Apache - Governance
  2. Debian - Governance ; Study on Debian Governance and Social Organization
  3. GNU Compiler Collection - Governance
  4. Linux - Governance
  5. Fetchmail - Governance

Non- Open Source cases

  1. Burning Man - Governance
  2. ThinkCycle - Governance
  3. Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia's Governance

More Information


  1. Introduction To Open Source Software Development


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