Open Source Ad-Hoc Network and Routing Protocols and Platforms

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= A list of open source ad-hoc network and routing protocols / platforms: Providing local information during an “internet kill switch”.

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B.A.T.M.A.N –

Roofnet |

GNUnet |

Netsukuku |

Open Mesh Project |

OLPC Mesh Network |

Open source BGP |

Digitatas |

sMesh |

Coova |

Babel |

SolarMESH |

WINGproject |

Wiki list of mesh protocols: Wikimedia list of ad-hoc mesh protocols and packet routing

Even bigger list of ad-hoc routing protocols:

Commercial projects:

Meraki ( google funded) |

Firetide |

Basic explanation – how this stuff works:

Example of a working grassroots wireless community,