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See also: Open Source Network Services and Open Software Services and the Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services.


Collected by Patrick Anderson:

  1. Free Service Defintion: The core idea of the Free Service Definition (FSD) is to protect users’ freedom when they use services (eg gmail, flickr, todocue, mugshot) — standardize Terms of Service/Privacy Policies so users know how a service will respect their freedom, privacy, and data. Having a standardized FSD would make the decision to become a freedom-respecting service provider simpler and less risky. We are in the process of defining what a Free Service is.
  2. Open Service Definition
  3. A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web



Read Luis Villa's criteria for a Open Services Definition


Mike Linksvayer asks for constitutionally open services:

"In cases were one accepts a centralized web application, should one demand that application be somehow constitutionally open? Some possible criteria:

  • All source code for the running service should be published under an open source license and developer source control available for public viewing.
  • All private data available for on-demand export in standard formats.
  • All collaboratively created data available under an open license (e.g., one from Creative Commons), again in standard formats.
  • In some cases, I am not sure how rare, the final mission of the organization running the service should be to provide the service rather than to make a financial profit, i.e., beholden to users and volunteers, not investors and employees. Maybe. Would I be less sanguine about the long term prospects of Wikipedia if it were for-profit? I don’t know of evidence for or against this feeling."