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Students at the Pompeu Fabra University are interested in studying and trying P2P and commons models to create data networks. In 2013, students participated and documented initiatives of interest. For example, this one is addresses the creation of a sensor network through prototyping, so the citizens are able to gather and share data.‎

All files concerning the Open Sensor Network pilot can be found at: This repository contains every code snippet that has been used, the thesis itself, etc.


Sensor networks are increasingly being used for environmental monitoring to anticipate or react to certain events. Despite many initiatives seemingly encouraging and being based on the use of sensor networks, only a few are really open. In this thesis we design, prototype and test a wireless sensor network using open hardware and open source software. Arduino and ZigBee are the main bases for the sensor nodes, and a Raspberry Pi is used as a data sink. Gathered information is then uploaded to cloud platforms, making it available to developers which can bring new ideas to life. The proposed solution is an economical, flexible and do-it-yourself alternative to those willing to collect and share sensory data.