Open Letter of the Non-Identitarian Left to the Misunderstanding Right

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* Article: A Short Letter to a Misunderstanding Right. New Discourses, 2020



Michel Bauwens:

this is a very lucid historical overview by Helen Pluckrose about identity politics, written towards the conservative right: her key message is, stop blaming the left for 'identity politics'. She reminds us that many factions of the left have always been strongly opposed to it, and that the liberal left is now also seeing its mistakes in being to tolerant of it for too long:

- "let’s have a deal. If conservatives can agree not to blame liberals or socialists (or even the radicals, kind of!) for Critical Social Justice, which has co-opted all of our movements and efforts against our will, we on the left can agree not to blame right-leaning libertarians and classical liberals for conspiracy theorists and religiously social conservatives who try to ban teaching of evolution and who want to render homosexuals as second-class citizens again. Your side is a coalition of factions, some of which need cleaning up, and so is ours. Most of us on “the left” are realizing we need to fight those on our Critical Social Justice fringe, and we hope you’ll start to notice." (