Open Cultures and the Nature of Networks

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* Book: Stalder, Felix (2006) ‘Open Cultures and the Nature of Networks’



From the author:

“This book brings together eleven of my shorter texts selected together with Branka Ćurčić ( The first seven of these texts deal with various aspects of the emergence and critique of ‘open cultures’, which is, of new cultural processes inspired by the FOSS movement. While the recent practice of FOSS is an important reference, cultural practices that were open to being reconfigured by anyone are, of course, much older and the essay Cultures without Commodities traces them back to the Dada movement in the early 20th Century. The second group of essays deal with character of the network form of organization, often referring to the concepts of the space of flows (Manuel Castells), that is, the material infrastructure to organize translocality based on digital information flows”

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