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= a system (from the Citizens Foundation) that is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications (Quality control / Evaluation / Crowdsourcing) of Ideas / Proposals / Points / Priorities / Issues / Funds, i.e. "Citizen Priorities"



How does it work?

   * Its users create the content and control its relevance
   * Great for collecting ideas
   * A way to find the best arguments for and against issues
   * A tool for decision making
   * A platform for various community projects

Using Open Active Democracy software developed by the Citizens Foundation and others, people can

   * Add new priorities
   * Add arguments for and against priorities
   * Indicate if they support or oppose a priority
   * Create a personal list of priorities
   * Discuss all priorities

The end results are lists of top priorities in many categories as well as the best arguments for and against each priority." (