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= "The goal of the OpenCovid19 initiative as a program is to collectively develop open-source and low-cost tools and methodologies that are safe and easy to use to fight the Covid19 Pandemic".



"despite all measures governments have been taking around the world, the Health care system might not be able to treat all infected patients. And, even if it could, the absence of efficient treatments will lead to millions of deaths.

Thus, delaying the propagation and buying us some TIME is crucial : we need new solutions, treatments that, as of now, do not exist.

This is why the OpenCovid19 Initiative has been launched.

We are using a community approach to this problem. We are a giant open science and innovation coalition of scientists, engineers, health professionals, students, amateurs and citizens all seeking to make positive change in protecting our international community from the pandemic.

All projects are open source and are ready to welcome volunteering contributors from all around the world. "