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= directory of online gift economy resources. "Lists local gift circles and sharing groups on page two, and businesses that operate in the gift on page three."

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  • Impossible Online gift economy
  • Kindhat Sharing Community Network and Neighborhood sharing platform
  • Buy Nothing Project Network of local gift economies
  • Sustainable Human Gift Economy Collaborators
  • Charles Eisenstien Gift Economy Philosopher and Public Speaker
  • Burning Man Large Gift Economy Event
  • Ecobasa Gifting Communities Network
  • Intentional Community Sharing Gifting Communities Network
  • Kindista Sharing platform
  • StreetBank Sharing Platform
  • Peerby Sharing platform
  • Freecyle Give away goods
  • Acts of sharing Sharing meals with others
  • Be Welcome Sharing Hospitality
  • Couchsurfing Sharing Hospitality
  • Trust Roots Sharing Hospitality
  • More Beautiful World Facebook Group for discussion of gift economies
  • Neighborgoods Neighborhood Sharing Platform
  • Shareable on-line resource of ideas
  • BeAGift IOS platform for Gifting Services
  • Rooster Sharing Platform
  • Food is Free Project Food Gifting
  • The Free World Charter Group aiming to promote a free economy
  • Workaway Volunteering and Hospitality
  • Hearth Ukrainian Sharing Platform
  • Gift economy dot org
  • Pay What Budding gifting directory

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