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= Gunther Teubner and Anna Beckers organised an international conference on Transnational Societal Constitutionalism in 17 - 19 May 2012.

URL = http://www.iuctorino.it/content/transnational-societal-constitutionalism

The conference was hosted by HiiL, the International University College of Turin (IUC) and the Collegio Carlo Alberto.


All video links also available here

  • Introduction: New constitutional conflicts. Gunther Teubner, Turin & Anna Beckers, Maastricht

I. Beyond nation state constitutions: The move to the ‘societal’ and to the ‘transnational’

  • The elusive social dimension of ‘societal constitutionalism’. Emilios Christodoulidis, Glasgow

II. New constitutional subjects: Transnational regimes, the cosmopolitan state, global assemblages?

  • We and cyberlaw: Constitutionalism and the inclusion/exclusion difference. Hans Lindahl, Tilburg
  • Enabling constitutions: The new constitutional framework in the age of access. Riccardo Prandini, Bologna
  • Emergent globally bordered spaces: Anti-terrorism, global finance, and so much more

Saskia Sassen, New York

III. Constitutional arenas

  • Private governance of knowledge: Societally crafted IP regimes. Dan Wielsch, Cologne;
  • Constitutionalisation of non-governmental certification programmes. Jaye Ellis, Montreal

IV. Collisions of transnational constitutions

  • Procedural principles for managing global legal pluralism. Paul Schiff Berman, Washington D.C.
  • Conflicts-law constitutionalism, societal constitutionalism and the power of technicity. Christian Joerges, Bremen
  • The constitutionalism of trans-normative Law – Towards a general theory. Poul Kjaer, Copenhagen

V. Human rights and private power

  • Fundamental rights, private law and societal constitution: On the logic of the so-called horizontal effect. Florian Rödl, Frankfurt
  • Hierarchical power arrangements and horizontal effects in human rights regimes. Larry Catá Backer, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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