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= what is needed to have truly replicable Distributive Production?


Proposed by Marcin Jakubowski and the Open Source Ecology project:

"We like to be clear about the meaning of open, or open source,' as used in this work for items of physical production. By open source, we mean documented to the point where one may replicate a given item, without even consulting with the developers. To us, this embodies the most complete form of documentation possible, where sufficient detail is provided to enable independent replication. This is open source embodied in OSE Specifications.

Other features of OSE Specifications are:

1. Freely downloadable documentation, open participation process

2. DfD, lifetime design

3. Simplicity and low cost are of prime importance

4. Replaceable components

5. Modular Design

6. Scalability

7. Localization

  • 1. Level 1 - product fabrication or production is local
  • 2. Level 2 - material sourcing is local

8. Product evolution - phases and versions are pursued; tangible results are visible in a timely fashion

9. Concrete Flexible Fabrication mechanism exists for others to purchase the product at reasonable cost

10. Open Business Model - replicable enterprise design is freely available, and training exists for entrepreneurs

Thus, these features are meant to promote liberatory technology - open, replicable, essential, optimal, and ecological goods and services for humankind living in harmony with natural life support systems." (http://openfarmtech.org/index.php?title=Main_Page#Definition_of_Open_Source_and_OSE_Specifications)