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URL = http://oscomak.net/


"OSCOMAK supports playful learning communities of individuals and groups chaordically building free and open source knowledge, tools, and simulations which lay the groundwork for humanity's sustainable development on Spaceship Earth and eventual joyful, compassionate, and diverse expansion into space (including Mars, the Moon, the Asteroids, or elsewhere in the Universe).

The OSCOMAK project will foster a community in which many interested individuals will contribute to the creation of a distributed global repository of manufacturing knowledge about past, present and future processes, materials, and products. OSCOMAK stands for "OSCOMAK Semantic Community On Manufactured Artifacts and Know-how".

The OSCOMAK project is supporting the OpenVirgle Project for Space Habitats via Semantic MediaWiki pages" (http://oscomak.net/)

More Information

Their semantic mediawiki is at http://www.oscomak.net/wiki/Main_Page