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"n his doctoral dissertation on the issue of economic efficiency of capital investments and new technology, focusing on the modeling method of successive approximations, simulator practice of management, which was the development of Leontieff method “input – output” for the effective management of the economy.

Dr. N.I. Veduta understood the importance of the market to optimize the management of the economy. Principles of combination plan and market were outlined by him in 1971 in his book "Economic Cybernetics" and were developed in the subsequent scientific articles. His arguments for inclusion in the economic management of equilibrium prices as feedback was a new theoretical proposition for the Soviet economy and quoted the voice of America and the BBC.

During the XX century world leading research scientists tried to construct a model of effective management of the economy on the principals of sustainable development of crisis-free society as the historical perspective. The historical experience of the USSR, as the basis of new economic theories and models is invaluable as a unique socio-economic experiment that has global significance.

Dr. N.I. Veduta was not only a noble manager but also a scientist who was able to compile a unique experience of the Soviet Union to create a model of mixed economy, modeled on the mechanism of free competition with the inclusion of the market impact to establish the proportions in the planning.

Therefore Dr. N.I. Veduta will always be a number of the world prominent economists.

In the last book, published in 1998, Dr. N.I. Veduta summarizes all of its great scientific and practical experience. Unlike the current System of National Accounting (SNA), in which for some states to assigning the sale of distressed property, and the others - the role of creditors in his book provides a framework of the XXI century SNA, which allows each state or economic blocs that has a huge natural and intellectual resources of the expected effective strategic plan for social development. In his there are proposals for pulling the economy out of crisis, justified by specific calculations of the trajectory of social- economic development based on mathematical modeling.

Successful implementation of the principles embodied in it a dynamic model of strategic planning depends on the training of new specialists of strategic management.

In 1998 the International Biographical Center of Cambridge recognized Dr. N.I. Veduta economic researches as the outstanding achievements of XX - th century. At present time proposed by Dr. N.I. Veduta Dynamic Model of strategic planning, to arouse interest from specialists in China, Germany, etc.

Dr. N.I . Veduta strategic planning scientific school is the result of a synthesis of K. Marx and F. Engels economic reproduction theory, N. Wiener Cybernetics, and V. Leontieff economic-mathematical model of input-output, as well as the vast personal experience of a mechanical engineer, as an organizer of production at different levels of management corporation of the USSR, the creator First automated control systems (ACS)." (