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Book: The Networked Enterprise; Competing for the Future Through Virtual Enterprise Networks. MK Press, 2008


= describes exactly how the bioteams approach can be applied to Supply chains, Business Clusters and Collaborative Networks.


See the entry on Bioteaming for more details about the methodology.

"There are three unique group behaviors discovered from research into nature's teams (such as ants, bees, dolphins, geese, wolves and the higher primates) which if adopted by human teams, in both physically co-located or virtual distributed enterprises, makes them much more agile, responsive and productive:

1. Pheromone Messaging: Instant whole-group broadcast communications.

2. Collective Leadership: Any group member can take the lead.

3. Team Ecosystems/Blended Teamwork: Small is beautiful but big is powerful.

Bioteams is the new discipline of adapting principles from nature’s groups to improve human team performance."


"Ken Thompson, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is an expert on team dynamics and virtual collaboration. Under the pen-name of The BumbleBee, Ken is the creator of the influential Bioteams Blog and author of a landmark book "BIOTEAMS: High performance teams based on nature's most successful designs”, (, which explores the numerous ways human teams can take advantage of the mechanisms used in natures best teams including ants, bees, geese, dolphins, wolves and songbirds.

Ken is also founder of Swarmteams ( a multi-channel communication/collaboration system based on bioteams principles. Ken can be contacted by e-mail at ken.thompson [at] or via his blog:"