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* Book: Network Propaganda – Manipulation, Misinformation, and Radicalisation in American Politics. By Yochai Benkler et al.


"a close look at the dynamics of how propaganda, misinformation, and “fake news” propagate across modern information networks".



"The internet and social media were supposed to radically democratize news and information—yet many observers now worry that they are undermining the preconditions for healthy democracies. Misinformation peddled by conspiracy theorists, unscrupulous clickbaiters, and even intelligence agencies spreads around the globe at the speed of light, while in the United States, citizens increasingly retreat into distinct media ecosystems so divergent as to be mutually unrecognizable. Can liberal democracy function in a world in which voters no longer inhabit the same universe of facts?"

2. Jaap van Till:

"In this book they have done a very thorough tracing what happened in the USA society the years before and the American Presidential Election. What impressed me was that they have shown that crucial in the huge and unexpected shift in PUBLIC OPINION which are decisive for he outcome of the candidacy and elections, was not only profiling, cocooning and manipulation of the voters mindsets and preferences with social media and internet tools, but the huge and orchestrated US MEDIA bombardment of the population. Which caused the widening and deepening of The Split between Illiberals and Competents." (

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