Neo in Wonderland

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* Book: NEO IN WONDERLAND - A Tale of Money That Changed Our Future". By Kenji Saito.



From the author,

"Last year, I published a Sci-Fi fantasy novel to illustrate the goal of my research, as a sequel to Prof. Jun Murai's book about the Internet for children.

I have translated the novel into English, and begun to distribute it under a CreativeCommons license so that people around the world can read the novel, and also hopefully help me improve the document and my research.

Overview of the novel:

Today, humanity seems to be suffering from a trilogy of problems: we are living in the era of Peak Oil in which the world production of petroleum is about to hit its peak if not it has already done so (energy crisis), which is probably the fundamental reason why we are experiencing the severest economic depression in the history of capitalism (economic crisis), while the whole human activities with effects to change the earthly environment are alleged to be the cause of climate changes (environmental crisis).

Some argue that moving toward so-called green economy, or changing to natural energy sources instead of relying on fossil fuels, is the solution to all these. Will it work, or will it just introduce another level of the same trilogy of problems as long as our economy requires to keep growing?

Let's begin an adventure with Accianco, a kindergarten girl, Kencha, a super robot, and Puppy-chan, a puppy, to explore an alternative solution in this sci-fi monetary fantasy novel. The story begins one year after the past adventure of the trio, in which they visited the Wonderland where the Internet is utilized in an extreme fashion.

Dr. Suttokoholm, a blind genius scientist in the Wonderland, is kidnapped by the Army of Centricity that aims to invade the country! Accianco, Kencha, Puppy-chan and Accianco's mother go to the Wonderland through the wormhole invented by Dr. Suttokoholm.

A new adventure begins around the centerless monetary mechanism in the centerless Wonderland that takes place in Hunan City, a big city in the Wonderland.

What is the Army of Centricity after? Will Accianco and her friends be able to save Dr. Suttokoholm?

The story evolves in an unexpected way as they encounter mysterious NEO in the Wonderland."