Neo-Carbon System

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"In the neo-carbon system, energy is produced by solar and wind technologies and is stored in synthetic methane. Not only energy production, but the whole-of-society will be affected by this new energy system." (


The NEO-FORE project (Neo-Carbon Enabling Neo-Growth Society – Transformative Energy Futures 2050):

"Five-year research project ... started at Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC), University of Turku (UTU) in July 2014 for exploring possible futures of an economy enabled by Neo-Carbon in a peer-to-peer society.

This is the foresight part of a larger “NEO-CARBON ENERGY” project, in which a new renewables-based energy production and storage system is being developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The horizon scanning of the changing world and energy landscape is complemented with Futures Cliniques and other innovative foresight tools and processes. Four transformational scenarios on the neo-carbon world and neo-carbon societies 2050 will be constructed. Case studies of China, Africa and Latin America are included." (


What is Neo-Growth?

"What kinds of business opportunities, organization models and lifestyles does the peer-to-peer neo-carbon society enable to companies, citizens and society? Could growth be defined anew – so that it is environmentally sustainable and serves the overall well-being of citizens, instead of conventional economic goals?" (

More Information

  • More information about the foresight activities of NEO-CARBON ENERGY project, please contact: joni.karjalainen(a)