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"Neighbornodes are group message boards on wireless nodes, placed in residential areas and open to the public. These nodes transmit signal for around 300 feet, so everyone within that range has access to the board and can read and post to it. This means that with a Neighbornode you can broadcast a message to roughly everyone whose apartment window is within 300 feet of yours (and has line of sight), and they can broadcast messages back to you. Boards are only accessible from computers that go through the local node.

Additionally, Neighbornodes are linked together, making up a node network to enable the passing of news and information on a street-by-street basis throughout the wider community.

With access to your local Neighbornode, you can post messages to your local group board, as well as forward messages to other nodes in your vicinity. These other nodes can in turn forward messages to your node, resulting in a network of neighborhood message boards.

How to get on Neighbornode

First, look for a Neighbornode near your apartment. If none currently exists, then just create a new node and add it to the network.

If a node does exist near you, check your computer's listing of wireless access points, select the one with the SSID of 'Neighbornode', and connect. You will be automatically directed to the bulletin board, where you can post and read messages, and upload photos for others to see. After connecting to the bulletin board, you are also free to roam the web as you wish." (

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