Nature of Cultures

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* Book: The Nature of Cultures: A Blueprint for a Theory of Culture Genetics. By Heiner Mühlmann, 1996



"Culture does not only mean art society, Rilke poems, string quartet and an evening of chess. Culture is also and even more so criminality, xenophobia, civil wars, fundamentalism; all measurable symptoms of adjustment difficulties. These are based on stress and on inability to cooperate experienced by the participants. Culture is, according to Muhlmann's socio-biological thesis, the result of the combination of stress and an ability to cooperate. Advanced Western civilizations are a result of a maximal stress cooperation (MCS), leading, of course, to a conception of culture, that can hardly be called intellectual any longer. Springer Verlag's new book series opens on a triumphant note. It presents a powerful thesis, a clear and transparent language, all within 150 pages."