Municipal Basic Income

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Will Ruddick:

"A municipality, town or local administration is an ideal issuer and anchor for a basic/guaranteed income because the have the means to back it and the intention to build sustainable and thriving local markets– Such a Municipal Basic Income (MBI) can in turn act as a growth medium and network token for Community Inclusion Currencies which allow local groups and businesses to form strong local markets through the MBI network.

In its simplest form a municipality creates a token which is distributed to residents and local projects – and taxed and redistributed as a basic income for those active in the network. This MBI would be backed by the holding tax itself and as well local services offered by the municipality (like 50% off public transport or health services). This is similar to Sarafu in Kenya whose supply is set by the target population – taxed and redistributed. The tax and redistribution incentivizes trade and discourages hoarding. " (

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