Multi-National Decision-Support Centres

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Multinational Decision-Support Centres (MDSC) are a concept first devised by the Swedish military. The praxis concept is [Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2)].

Both concepts are rooted in a deep understanding of Open Source Intelligence as being fully capable of meeting 95% of the needs of any group for decision-support, a public synonym for intelligence in the sense of the process of intelligence.

Since many governments and corporations rely heavily on secret sources and methods including industrial espionage, the adoption of MDSC and the practice of M4IS2 requires a considerable mind-set or cultural change on the part of governments and corporation, but is easily adopted by the other six tribes of intelligence.

A regional Centre would normally be organized so as to include working delegations from all eight tribes of intelligence, and could be centered around the military as the core provider of inter-national communications and coordination. It would integrate both regional virtual network and call center management or facilitation functions; a standard intelligence organization capable of orchestrating collection, processing, analysis, and counterintelligence/security; and a public support network focused on helping all elements of the nation come together to be a "Smart Nation."

Over time, it could facilitate the gradual integration of education, (public) intelligence, and research both within each nation-state, and then across the region. Combined with transparency, this would gradually eradicate corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse, reveal to the public all "true costs" of goods and services, and result in a prosperous region at peace in which every person enjoys freedom, dignity, and access to the Internet, to clean water, and to the basics of human existence.

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