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Mozilla Drumbeat is a global platform for people who want to improve and protect internet as a critical public resource. These people are stewards of the open web. They gather online and on the ground to raise awareness, generate new ideas and get involved in making the internet better.


  • Start here: Drumbeat overview slidecast and planning wiki
  • Goals: open web awareness, new ideas and action
  • Focus: open web, plus big internet issues like mobile and data in the cloud.
  • Drumbeat framework
o Criteria: what makes a good drumbeat?
o Bongo: e-newsletter, online campaigns and community
o Conga: ground game: local events, meet ups and campaigns
o Tympani: thought leadership via yearly event 
  • Audiences: People who make web content, children and teens, Firefox fans
  • Geography: Europe, N. America, India, Brasil, So. America?, others?
  • Drumbeat brainstorming: Year 1 scenarios, campaign scenarios, logo design


Read these in order to see Drumbeat thinking unfolding:

  1. Naming Drumbeat
  2. Concept and framework
  3. Topics we may cover
  4. Overview slides and video (same as above)
  5. Ground game and local events
  6. Key questions moving forward
  7. Web of Change 2009 focus group on Drumbeat

Also see: Raw notes from August and Sept 2009 FTF discussions Inspiration

  • Mitchell on the web as a public asset and definition of a better internet
  • Atul Varma's What Mozilla Means to Me essay
  • Tristan Nitot on why poetry is important in all this
  • Jono Silinis Xia on why people should care about the open web

Experiments (pre-Drumbeat)

  • Internet Health Audit
  • One Web Day - fundraising and promotion
  • One Web Day - poster campaign
  • Mozilla Service Week

Other stuff

  • List of people involved in the discussion so far
  • Drumbeat google group for brainstorming and organizing
  • All Mark Surman blog posts on Drumbeat
  • Background posts on the Next Million Mozillians
  • Drumbeat doodles on Mark Surman's flickr account
  • Sketch from lunch w/Joi Ito

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