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"Researcher and activist in the field of free knowledge and culture, currently preparing a PhD thesis on ‘Intellectual commons and commodification’ at the Education faculty of the University of São Paulo - a critical reading of the Ostrom school and the possibilities of commodification linked to new business models. Member of Scientiae Studia, a philosophical association focusing on societal impacts of technoscience. His publications can be found at <http://impropriedades.wordpress.com/artigos>."


I'm a Brazilian researcher and activist in the field of free knowledge and culture.

Since 2008 I'm preparing a thesis on the subject of ‘Intellectual commons and commodification’, at the University of São Paulo (Education Faculty, department of Philosophy of Education). I have graduated in Communications (minor: Publishing) and Philosophy, both also at the University of São Paulo, and have a specialization degree on intellectual property management (from a course promoted by UBV, SAPI and OCPI — respectively: Bolivarian University of Venezuela, and the Venezuelan and Cuban intellectual property offices). I have published some texts on the subjects of intellectual property and, more recently, collaborative production, commodification and the commons (all of them available at <http://impropriedades.wordpress.com/artigos>); through them I have helped to introduce the concept of intellectual commons in Brazilian academia (along with prof. Imre Simon, with whom I wrote two book chapters). I have also been invited to take part in two international debates on commons: the Crottorf retreat (Germany, 2008) and a workshop at the Summer University of International Solidarity (France, 2010).

I'm member of Epidemia, a Brazilian collective which advocates for free knowledge and culture and keeps an eye on the intellectual property-related agenda. I'm also member of Scientiae Studia, a philosophic association focusing on science and technology. I represent Epidemia at the Science & Democracy World Forum's international secretariat, and have participated in its planning. I have also had an active role in mobilizations for the reform of Brazilian copyright law and against Projeto Azeredo, a cybercrime bill that jeopardized internet privacy."

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