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= used to power appliances that are either remote or mobile, a card that you use to power or recharge small devices, lights, etc. [1]


The Solar Pocket Factory

John Robb:

The are "Taking advantage of rapidly evolving technology to build an automated factory that can produce Microsolar that’s small, cheap and powerful. How small? It can sit on a desktop ... They went directly to the online community for funding by using Kickstarter. ...They are currently raising only $50,000 to finish developing the pocket factory. Don’t be surprised at the cost. As factories shrink in size, the cost to develop them drops too, particularly if the instability of the financial sector can be avoided or marginalized.

These guys shrank an important, factory-sized piece of the microsolar supply chain down to something that can fit on your desktop. Think of it as an early step in a globally decentralized, relocalized economy. " (http://www.resilientcommunities.com/the-next-global-economy-is-being-built-right-now-ill-help-you-find-it/)