Microlearning 2006

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Second annual conference on Microlearning

URL = http://www.microlearning.org/


"Microlearning 2006, the second conference on Learning & Working in New Media Environments is taking place on June 8-9 in Austria's city of Innsbruck.

People on the program include: Arnaud Leene (F) Microcontent and Micromedia. Microcontent Consultant. One of very few experts in the emerging field of "microcontent services & markets". Stephen Downes (CAN, "keynote on e-learning 2.0"), George Siemens (CAN, "connectivist learning theory for the digital age"), Thomas Vander Wal (USA, "organizing microcontent in infoclouds, using folksonomies"), Thomas Osburg (GER, EMEA Education Marketing Manager, Intel Germany), Jochen Robes (GER, "Corporate Learning between e-Learning versions 1.0 and 2.0"), David Smith (UK, "Microlearning and mobile Micromedia"), Richard Straub (F, Director of Learning Solutions, IBM EMEA, "From e-Learning to Digital Learning Ecosystems"), Peter A. Bruck (A, Head ARC Research Studios Austria), Norm Friesen (CAN, "Microlearning Didactics, Microlearning Genres"), Kurt Fendt (USA, M.I.T., "Hypermedia in Education"), Brent T. Schlenker (USA, Intel, "Corporate Nanolearning"), Theo Hug (A, "Didactics and Pedagogy of Microlearning").

Microlearning.org is the homesite and refers to three interlinked sites: 1) MicroPapers: A growing archive of selected whitepapers; 2) Microlearning Conferences: Profiles, papers and presentations; (3) MicroWiki: Microcontent-web of definitions." (http://www.smartmobs.com/archive/2006/04/25/microlearning_2.html)