Metamodern Social Justice

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Richard Dennis Bartlett:

"what I’ve been seeking is a kind of “metamodern social justice” (most notably in my work with Ronan in the Alter Ego network). I’ve been looking for new peers with new narratives that can help me grow out of my own fundamentalism.

Metamodernism is an attempt to go beyond postmodernism. It’s not a rejection, but a transcendence, a move to include the useful lessons of postmodernism and exceed its limitations. It’s generated from a different set of foundational theories, e.g. the psychology of adult development, which is attentive to the embodied experience of trauma & healing, and the growth of cognitive complexity well into adulthood. It has a primarily constructive posture (articulating a positive vision beyond the status quo). It’s not about individuals or groups, but both: it’s a way of seeing people in terms of their relationships. (FYI: here’s my list of essential “metamodernism 101” books & podcasts.)

So a metamodern social justice would have to embrace the lessons from postmodern social justice and keep steaming onwards towards a different perspective." (