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The role of the Symbiotic Energy Grid (microgrid) in establishing the megagrid

Trevor Decker Cohen:

"Even as microgrids declare their independence from the system, that may not be an end in itself. The microgrid can be a pillar to help balance the megagrid. An electrified village that generates its own power may encourage connections to the larger grid by a transmission line. These self-contained systems can help strengthen many developing-world grids prone to outages by producing or storing extra power as needed.

The transition to a grid powered by distributed renewables may be challenging at first. Ultimately, it has the potential to create a better energy system and economy. With decentralized sources of electricity come decentralized benefits. No longer must all services be provided by a monolithic power authority. Everyone who participates has the opportunity to share in the wealth of the system. This way of thinking shatters what many dismissed as impossible. We have an opportunity to create a new symbiotic grid balanced by relationships of mutual benefit between transportation and generation, energy supply and demand, microgrids and megagrids. When put at odds, these forces leave us with additional challenges. When brought together, they form electric harmonies, composed of empowered consumers and communities."